No to zero-cost labour : unpaid internships are illegal!

5 Dec

Good news from BECTU!

25 November 2009

The Employment Tribunals, sitting in Reading, have ruled that workers engaged on an expenses-only basis are entitled to payment at least in line with the national minimum wage, in addition to payment for the holiday they accrue.

The decision arises from a case brought by Nicola Vetta, a former art department assistant, against London Dreams Motion Pictures Ltd.

Read the full article on BECTU’s website:

The verdict will set a precendent that could be extended to unpaid internships in art galleries and other art organisations!

Quote this verdict to your employer and at your internship interview: interns are workers and should be paid!


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  1. Antonio Roberts December 6, 2009 at 1:48 am #

    This is really good news for everybody. I wonder how tightly this will be enforced

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