Artsjobs suspends free labour ads!

3 Aug

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Artsjobs’ decision to temporarily suspend advertisements for unpaid work, voluntary placements and other such ‘opportunities’ is certainly indicative of a more positive action against exploitative cultural work, however it is also  important to consider that some voluntary placements, expenses-paid internships, etc can actually be valuable and worthwhile provided the worker is aware of their rights and is happy with the conditions of their work. The greatest problem is that we live and work in a country where the cultural labour force is insufficiently informed about their own rights and laws. For this reason it is vital that social networks, forums and listings sites strive to provide their users with information of what different kinds of work may entail and of other resources that are available to them. For example there are a considerable number of useful tools and resources, not just for the cultural sector, which remain unused and under-promoted. (Such as the TUC’s campaign website, see also The Arts Group’s Emerging Worker Report, lobbying for the implementation of a recognised and legislated practice for emerging workers


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  1. Natasha Vicars August 4, 2010 at 12:31 pm #

    I just discovered this on Arts Jobs’ website myself today… this is great news! I am so glad this action has been taken – that the Arts Council has finally taken responsibility for its role in supporting the advertising of potentially exploitative unpaid internships and has stopped listing these adverts.

    I believe that campaigns such as yours have helped bring such issues to wider attention and generally bring them higher on the agenda. I am noticing that issues around creating real mutually beneficial training opportunities are now being more widely discussed in the arts and hope this goes on to produce constructive outcomes.


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