The Jilted Generation

6 Nov

The Jilted Generation

Ed Howker is a journalist at The Spectator magazine and before that worked on current affairs documentaries for Channel 4’s Dispatches programme. Shiv Malik writes for the Sunday Times and Prospect magazine and is a regular broadcaster. They are both 29 and live in London.


If you were born after September 1979, this book is about you. You are a member of the jilted generation.

They make a pretty convincing case that our generation has been screwed over. 29% of men under the age of 34 live at home – they can’t afford to leave. Compared to our young parents, those of us who have left home live in smaller, lower quality houses. We are less likely to own them, and much more likely to be kicked out. It’s harder for us to find work than it was for our parents – much harder. The work we do find is likely to be temporary, part time, and badly paid.


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