Fund Our Future Demo Nov 10th 2010

10 Nov

Amazing Day for Precarious Workers Brigade and Carrot Workers!



London Precarious Workers Brigade targets the irresponsible defunding of public services.

In response to the recent intensification of neoliberal attacks on the welfare state and public sphere in the UK, precarious workers in culture and education are organising and taking action. In the context of the Fund Our Future Demonstration against cuts to higher education, the Precarious Workers Brigade are targeting institutions and individuals who have made false promises about the future. A party of individuals donning donkey masks ceremoniously deposited the large papier-mache carrots as “a classic symbol of empty promises posed as incentives”.  They declared: “We are returning the Graduate Job Carrot to the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) with the message that this carrot actually means £40k+ debt. We are returning the Big Society Carrot to Tory HQ with a thank you for abandoning us. We are returning the Career Carrot to the Department of Work and Pensions with the fact of 18% youth unemployment.”

The Precarious Workers Brigade demands include Equal Pay (no more free labour), Free Education (end student debt), and citing Lord Browne the former CEO of BP who led the recent Review of University funding, they call for Democratic Institutions and an end to unelected and un-mandated leaders.  Confronting the proclaimed ‘Big Society’, the Brigade demands common ownership of public space, resources and ideas.

Workshops and actions continue throughout this week (see below) & beyond.

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