Designing Economic Cultures – seminar series

14 Jun

 · Do you fear that you will need to work for free after graduation? · What do you think you may get out of working for free? · How can we imagine an internship otherwise?

Discussion/presentation of ideas and images from our counter-guide to free labour in the cultural sector

RHB 143 (Richard Hoggart Building)
ground floor Goldsmiths College

Wednesday, 15 June 2011 5pm

All welcome!

With Hato Press, a London-based platform offering affordable printing to designers, artists, illustrators, writers, scientists, etc., thus giving them the possibility to publish their own work.

– – – – – -About the seminar series:

Designing Economic Cultures is a series of seminars tailored for design students that takes the contemporary precarious working conditions of creatives as a starting point and investigates strategies of how to go beyond this current state of insecurity. As the crisis of the financial market seems to have turned into the crisis of all social relations and of everyday life itself, designers are as affected by these developments as most other actors in society. How can we face these conditions with our creative skills and deal with them in a more proactive and propositive way? The seminars will serve as a platform to discuss and develop questions like the following: How can designers avoid the conventional choice between either financial stability or critically engaged work? Which work settings may positively affect our abilities to address contested social, political and environmental issues? What alternative economic values and strategies can be adopted to overcome precarity? What can critically engaged creatives learn from the experiences of self-organised citizens and workers in other fields? ———-

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