the new tory work programme

21 Jun

Some interesting comments re the Work Programme on the Indus Delta site:

so here I am… 3 years unemployed
applied 4 to 6 or more jobs “every single week”, and havent had “a single reply” as of yet.
i’m the first in my area to be sent on this activity. 
so now, instead of applying for jobs which i’m qualified to do,
administration/I.T, i now find myself stuck in a group of lackies,
putting up road signs, and for what? 30 hours a week for 60 quid!
i’m supposed to be with this ‘provider’ as they call it, for 2
years, so i can expect to be passed around all the local manual-labour
businesses who want a ‘free worker’. I’m an “unemployed lay-about” as
you people have labeled the entire unemployed population.
I wonder what will happen when all the students who graduate this
summer cant get a job, and get put on this programme, riots perhaps?
Currently the MWA is given to the folk who havent been able to get a
reply or an interview out of a rude british employer for the past year,
but if you read the documentation on the DWP site, the work programme
is to be phased in eventually for every person who is claiming
jobseekers allowance for more than 3 months. Good luck Conservative

Wow, you really have no idea about the jobmarket do you. I have done
thousands of applications. The jobs I have been applying for, I could
do “in my sleep”. I lowered my “expectations” after 6 months
sweetheart, all the way down to cleaning toilets and care work, and
still I am not getting ANY REPLIES
I have re-done my CV a billion times, it’s got NOTHING to do with CV
or Interview techniques, I used to GIVE interviews DAILY. I USED TO

The only thing jobcentre advisors are
taught to do, is to find out if people are not applying for jobs, and
get them off the books, either by DMA, or by sending them on New Deal
Provider’s only interest is getting a Tory government contract and
getting commission from each person you send to do “any job that a
human could do, no matter what it is, no matter their employment
history”, it’s pathetic.
I might film a provider meeting soon, put it on the net to show what
actually is going on, and what all graduates can expect, what to look
forward to! 🙂
What the hell is putting up sign roads for 30 hours a week for 60
quid a week going to do to improve my chances of employment????
The company has stated “NO INTENTION” of employing any of the people
put onto this scheme, they are just grateful of the free manual labour.
Once it finishes I will passed onto the next company who wants a free
dole claimer to do a bit of free manual labour.
It will be funny to see every single university graduate go onto
this ‘slave labour scheme’ when they make it mandatory after 3 months
of unemployment. We shall see programmers, politics students, history
majors, physics students, english grads, all shoveling shit for the
You seriously believe, that every single graduate in this country
will agree to go onto this without protest? Providers better make the
most of their government contracts and get in as many commissions as
they can, as any sane individual can see this tory scheme “wont last at
all”. back to the 80s we go.

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