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4 Aug

from: Indymedia London

Following the path of the recent protest actions made by the staff of “Musei Civici di Venezia” (Venice´s Museum System) and “Ca´Foscari” (University of Venice), also the 53rd International Art Exhibition is closing today due to the strike of the crew assigned to many different tasks (non armed wards, museum attendants, customer service).

Those concerned are 110 “human resources”, seasonal and atypical workers (160 during the vernissage and preview days). An army of workers, forced to run after the same job each year, addressing different mutual companies (cooperatives) or employment agencies. Continue reading


Plotting Creative Futures

30 May

Future Casting at the Creative Jobs Survival Fair

Future Charting

Along x y axis in which
x= Stability to Flexibility
y= Poverty to Luxury
20 cultural workers have charted their perception of the present (light blue), three years in the past (purple) and plotted their aspirations and desires for the near future (bright yellow).

Ain’t No Way to Make A Living!

5 May


A Cultural Workers Survival Fair
9 May, 2009
Open to anyone.
Free of charge
Christie’s Education 153 Great Tichfield Street (Oxford Circus nearest tube)

It is a well known but little discussed fact that the so-called ‘creative industries’ are supported by a cadre of free and precariously employed labourers. As the sector becomes increasingly engrained in for-profit endeavors, workers continue to be strung along by old myths and false promises. Including but also expanding on the notion of worker’s rights, The Carrot Worker’s Collective offers a performative investigation into the inter-connections between free labour, precarity in the cultural sector and new policies developing around the creative industries. Staged as a ‘Cultural Workers Survival Fair’, research will be presented and developed through a series of interactive booths, including opportunity to make your own, ‘Tell It Like it Is’ anonymous video testimonials, have your fortune read in relation to the future of creative industries policies in the UK, listen to hourly motivational speeches, and construct your own ‘Ideal Type’ for creative employment.


What are the Creative Industries? Attempt at an outline

12 Jun

This is a paper I wrote based on some research done between 2005-07. Big attempt at understanding how CI function, still ongoing… M

What are the Creative industries?
A brief analysis of organization, epistemology, policy and discourse
from the UK mid- 2007

0. Introduction
Key points+ methodology
1. Culture and Industry
The Culture Industry
Cultural Industries and Creative Industries
2. Creative Industries
Definition and Organization
Who are Creative Industries workers and what difference do they make?
The “Creative Class”
3. Creative Industries policy
Intellectual Property
Cultural Policy
Cultural Policy and Open Source
Cultural Policy and Subsidy
Public- Private Partnerships in Art and Education
4. Discourse
5. Conclusion: responding and relating

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