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Resiste – The Movie (in German)

21 Nov

Resiste – interns rise up‘ is the story of the capitalistically inclined intern Till and the leftist-activist almost-french girl Sydelia. Whilst Till has the idea of opening a consultancy for interns – delighted to have found a plausible market niche – Sydelia wants to tackle the problem at its origins and organize a revolt of interns.

Equipped with french revolutionary spirit and much energy, she does her best to convince Till of her plans. But his mind is made up: it’s about profit, not protest! As both realise that they don’t go well together, but at the same time quite need each other, there’s already a bunch of interns gathering around them, shaping up for the revolution: a general strike of interns that will bring Germany to a halt.

Resiste Official Website


Austrian SuperInterns even get sunbeams…

21 Nov

Austrian Minister of Finance had the genius idea to launch a campaign called ‘Are You Austria’s Superintern?’, in the midst of spreading student protests…you can ‘win’ an internship with him!!


4 Aug

from: Indymedia London

Following the path of the recent protest actions made by the staff of “Musei Civici di Venezia” (Venice´s Museum System) and “Ca´Foscari” (University of Venice), also the 53rd International Art Exhibition is closing today due to the strike of the crew assigned to many different tasks (non armed wards, museum attendants, customer service).

Those concerned are 110 “human resources”, seasonal and atypical workers (160 during the vernissage and preview days). An army of workers, forced to run after the same job each year, addressing different mutual companies (cooperatives) or employment agencies. Continue reading

Tear down this rotten edifice of internships

4 Aug

By Michael Skapinker, Financial Times, July 27 2009

If you work in the law, advertising or the media, this is the time of year when friends, contacts and people you barely know ask if you can give one of their children a job.

Not a real job – a temporary position, at no pay, as an intern.

Internships were not around when I was starting out. Summer jobs, if you could find them, were paid: waiting on tables, serving behind counters or sorting the mail.

Today, however, many young people believe they have no chance of getting anywhere without a couple of stints of unpaid work behind them. Continue reading

New Inquiry into the Exploitation of the Work-For-Free Interns

4 Aug

from: Polly Curtis, education editor,, Friday 31 July 2009

A government watchdog is to investigate whether companies are exploiting thousands of graduates by employing them on unpaid, long-term internships during the recession, the Guardian has learned.

The Low Pay Commission is expecting to include recommendations on internships in its annual review in the new year amid concerns that companies are taking advantage of the tough jobs market.

A Guardian inquiry has also discovered that MPs could be breaking the rules. Ministers have estimated that unpaid interns work up to 18,000 hours a week inside parliament, a saving of more than £5m a year on the national minimum wage. MPs are each given a staffing allowance of £104,000pa.

Concern has become acute because of the huge numbers leaving university this year without a job. Official figures are likely to show one million young people in total out of work by the autumn. Continue reading

All work and no pay: the new elitism that is freezing out poorer graduates

4 Aug

by Polly Curtis, Bonnie Friend and Sam Jones, Friday 31 July 2009

Alex Donovan, 22, has been trying to break into the film world since graduating from Nottingham University last year with a degree in American studies.

After numerous unpaid stints as a runner, assistant director, editor, camera assistant, scriptwriter, website tester and general office skivvy, he is signing on and working unpaid in an east London theatre.

“It’s immensely frustrating and I’ve got to the point now where I can’t do internships,” he said. “I’ve been on the dole for six months and I can’t get bar work and a lot of high street recruitment agencies won’t take me on as I don’t have recognisable skills. They won’t even take my CV. I knew film was notoriously difficult to get into, but I’d hoped to be in a paid job after six months.”

Despite the setbacks, Donovan is determined to persevere. “It would be very easy to get depressed and there are nights when I think, ‘Oh my God, why am I doing this?’ but I will definitely keep pushing away to get into film; I would hate to end up doing something I didn’t want to do.”

Research by the National Council for Work Experience suggests that Donovan is not alone, and that his predicament will be shared by thousands more graduates this year. Continue reading

Labour to introduce work for benefits programme

28 Nov


by Robert Stevens | 09.09.2008 15:33

The Labour government in Britain has escalated its attack on the unemployed, the disabled and other vulnerable people with an announcement in a green paper to introduce a work for benefits scheme.

The Green Paper—“No one written off: reforming welfare to reward responsibility”—follows the Welfare Reform Act 2007 which will phase out Incapacity Benefit and replace it with Employment Support Allowance. The Act is a wide-ranging attack on millions of the poorest and most vulnerable people who rely on Incapacity Benefit (IB) as their primary social security payment. Currently recipients of the benefit are deemed unable to work due to poor physical or mental health. The government plans to reduce the number of people claiming Incapacity Benefit by one million by 2015. Continue reading