Noun: photo-romance (plural photo-romances)
A romantic story illustrated with sequential photographs in the style of a comic strip, published in magazines etc. Sometimes called photo-novel…

The Carrotworkers have been using the photo-romance for several years as a collective tool to identify and understand the moments and narratives through which our often romantic and utopian desires are played out. What are the scenes and stories that tell us the most about how we experience power and how our desires are pimped? Dressing up, inventing characters, composing scenes and plots in various workshops, we try to imagine these scenes with different relationships and different outcomes…. Some examples below….

Examples of 1970s Italian photoromances:






















If you are interested in the social histories, politics and feminist debates around the medium of photoromances (or photo novels), there is a splendid book that has unfortunately not been translated  into English yet, called  ‘Il fotoromanzo’ by Anna Bravo, 2003.

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